Watching Films with C’n’C (Chris and Cain) is the backbone of the screening programme at soft/WALL/studs. The films range from long-form documentaries, to the early works of emerging and underground Singaporean film makers.


    Watching Films with C'n'C - IO STO CON LA SPOSA, by Gabriele Del Grande, Antonio
    Augugliaro, Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry; DAHDI, by Kirsten Tan

    Wane wanes; Fall falls: A double feature on the eve of May Day!, with Kenneth Loe and Luca Lum 


    Watching Films with C'n'C: The Wangs (2016, work-in-progress), with Bo Wang

    Watching Films with C'n'C: In / Parallel / Parties with 13 Little Pictures, with Daniel Hui, Lai Weijie and Elizabeth Wijaya, Liao Jie Kai, Lei Yuan Bin

    Watching Films with C'n'C: ‘In The House of Straw’, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua