Watching Films with C’n’C formed the backbone of the screening programme at soft/WALL/studs. Selected films ranged from long-form documentaries, to the early works of emerging and underground Singaporean film makers.

TheoryFILM is a series organised with Bras Basah Open: School of Theory and Philosophy, often hosted at s/W/s. Each session, a film is paired with a speculative theoretical reading for discussion, broadly questioning the ontology of the screen as a distinct mode of perceiving the world.

   soft/WALL/docs: Land/Landless, programmed by Chris Yeo Siew Hua and supported by s/W/s, with accompanying essay “The visible heat of lands on fire” by Huiying Ng

2020    TheoryFILM #15: On Sickness & Social Choreographies, with Corrie Tan and Shawn Chua

    TheoryFILM #14: Abderrahmane Sissako x Zizek, with Farhan Idris
    TheoryFILM #12 - Necro-Romanticism: Suicide and Politics in Film, with Farhan Idris and Jeremy Fernando
    TheoryFILM #11: Stop-Motion (Re-)Animation, with Toh Hun Ping and Shawn Chua
    Toh Hun Ping Screening, with Toh Hun Ping, Mike Lim, Daniel Hui, Tricia Lim, and Kin Chui

2018    TheoryFILM#8: Nadine Labaki's Where Do We Go Now x Judith Butler, with Nurul Huda
    TheoryFILM #7: Tiger of Malaya x Tanabe Hajime, with Shawn Chua
    TheoryFilm#6: Lizzie Borden x Multiple, on the occasion of “The Soul Lounge”, with Luca Lum, Shawn Chua, Kin Chui
    TheoryFILM #5: Jacques Ranciere x Pedro Costa's Colossal Youth, with Farhan Idris and Chris Yeo Siew Hua
    TheoryFILM#4, Futurisms & Sonic Fictions: Kodwo Eshun x Akomfrah, with a performance by Bani Haykal and Cheryl Plays Computer
    TheoryFILM #3: Limor Samimian-Darash x It Will Never Happen Here, with Shawn Chua
    TheoryFILM #2: Sara Ahmed x Funeral Parade of Roses
    TheoryFILM #1 (Svetlana Boym x Elia Suleiman)
    Fun D mental Times!
, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua, Kin Chui, and Luca Lum

    DocFest 2017! Closing, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua and Kin Chui
    This Week on DocFest 2017!…, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua and Kin Chui
    The Return of DocFest 2017!, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua and Kin Chui
    DocFest 2017! - Double Bill Weekend!! BOUNDARY & NOT EVERY TIME, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua and Kin Chui
    DocFest 2017! - Apa Khabar Orang Kampung, with Kin Chui and Chris Yeo Siew Hua
    Watching Films with C'n'C - IO STO CON LA SPOSA, with a complementary screening of DAHDI by Kirsten Tan, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua and Kin Chui
    Wane wanes; Fall falls: A double feature on the eve of May Day!, with Kenneth Loe and Luca Lum

    Watching Films with C'n'C: The Wangs (2016, work-in-progress), with Bo Wang
    Watching Films with C'n'C: In / Parallel / Parties with 13 Little Pictures, with Daniel Hui, Lai Weijie and Elizabeth Wijaya, Liao Jie Kai, Lei Yuan Bin
    Watching Films with C'n'C: ‘In The House of Straw’, with Chris Yeo Siew Hua