Wearable Archive

The wearable archive is a series of clothing that index a particular event, programme, or project that have happened at / with soft/WALL/studs, each design using a kind of collateral, publicity image, or text. The first fundraising period occurred during July 2018. Sold at $30+ a piece, they form a way for our publics to support the space while carrying a part of it with them.

The four original designs are:

“Proletarian Nights (Utopia17Chivas)” features a photograph by Luca Lum. Used as the facebook header for the Proletarian Nights Reading Group, which focused on the duration of the night-time and its labours.

“Altars for Four Silly Planets” documents Marcus Yee’s solo show, which  “begins as futural sites for mourning lost materiality, as an assembly of forgotten relations.” Designed by Currency for exhibition publicity and collaterals, it features the Precious Thots typeface—a widely recogniseable brand of self-soothing, consumable cuteness and sincerity.

“Watching Films with C’n’C (Chris and Cain)” features a stickman illustration by Vicky Yang, used as a facebook header for the screening series. Forming the backbone of the screening programme at s/W/s, the films range from long-form documentaries, to the early works of emerging and underground Singaporean film makers.

“EX-LIBRIS, LIB-ERRATA” features a text by Luca Lum, with the design by Marcus Yee. Documents the reading and text-based library event that (soft)opened the space.

More photos of the wearable archive are on our facebook page. Photographed by Luca and Huiying. Individuals featured: Huiying, Sant, Chantal, Luca, Nina, trussed-up soft mannequin (leftover stage setting by Shawn)