DNA Dreams in China's City of Hardware, by Hallam Stevens, organised with Shawn Chua


    2065: Artist Talk with Lawrence Lek, organised with Johann Yamin, Lawrence Lek, Anca Verona Mihuleţ, Shawn Chua, and s/W/s, a collateral event of the Singapore Biennale 2019

    NEXT Workshop: <Non-profit Art Spaces in ASEAN>, s/W/s (Kin Chui and Kamiliah Bahdar) presentation alongside Nhá Sán Collective (Hanoi), Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space (Kuala Lumpur), Art Space Pool (Seoul), Space Heem (Busan), Sansumunhwa (Seoul), and d/p (Seoul). Organised by KOFICE, in Seoul and Busan, South Korea

    To Be So Entangled: Resistance / Complicity / Collaboration, s/W/s (Luca Lum, Kin Chui, and Weixin Chong) in discussion with Cypher Billboard and Skelf. Moderated by Vanessa Murrell, for the closing of Skelf online exhibition “BOUNDS
    Singapore, City of the Future: Chronotopes of a Non-Place, by Josh Babcock
    Lost Tech, s/W/s (Luca Lum, Kin Chui, and Shawn Chua) panel presentation of “Future Address” alongside Andreas Schlegel, Debbie Ding, Dr Liew Kai Khiun, and W. Y. Huang. Moderated by Adeline Setiawan, for the Sim Lim Square Art Residency


    When the world is at war, we just keep dancing, by Evelyn Wan
    Embedding/Dwelling: writing intimately about performance, by Corrie Tan

    Skin / Leather / Hide: The Tactility of “Lecture, This Way”, by Loo Zihan

    Travelling Light: Singapore, by Kenneth Tay

    Independent Art Spaces in Singapore: A Conversation, s/W/s (Luca Lum and Kin Chui) in discussion with Alan Oei (The Substation), Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei (Post-Museum), Jeremy Hiah (Your MOTHER Gallery), and Seelan Palay (Coda Culture). Moderated by Berny Tan, for the Supernormal exhibition “Present Future” 

    Tradition, Translation, and Performance, by Yoon Soo Ryon

    Sound and Image, Researching the Earth from Indonesia, by Cindy Lin and Andy Moon 


    A presentation on missing data sets, by Mimi Onuoha