Sleep Study

Participatory study
July 2021

Sleep Study is a participatory research study surveying the state of rest and restlessness amongst arts workers. Participants invited to the sleep study will keep a log of their sleep, examining how much sleep costs, the commodification of sleep and the attendant fetishization of its deprivation, and tracking the ways in which the precarious rhythms of arts workers extract and steal their dreams. An earlier session of the study involved an active dreaming workshop.

Since July 2021, a selection of art workers have been sent a questionnaire about their rhythms of rest, logging their sleep patterns over several weeks. Simultaneously, conversations with art workers about their labours in the arts have been collated as a series online, and may be viewed at Aspirations and Exasperations.

Sleep Study is a project relating to Precariats Undoing Bullshit Labour In Cultural Spheres (PUBLICS), a research initiative examining, articulating, and building support networks against conditions of precarity entrenched within ‘creative economies’, touching not only on cultural labour, but also the mental, social, and physical well-being of cultural workers.