Shared Libraries

Our library space is shared with waresnotwarehouses, which keeps the libraries open on a regular weekly basis. Browse our collection of books that range theory, poetry, fiction, artist books, and magazines.

wares is a reading library and infoshop project collecting a tapestry of books, zines, and other printed matter. Part material and part virtual, it carves out new potentials for collective study, agitation, and autonomy beyond capital.

For more information on wares, visit their facebook and instagram. For a list of their current books, see this document.

Events include:


    Against the Disquiet #2, with wares, PUPA, and cosmologists
    Business as Usual? NAW!, with wares


    Against the Disquiet #1, with wares and cosmologists
    wares and thorns at the art book fair

    NAW~ refusal in a time of spectacularised productivity, with wares


    Down Time / Dwell Time, with wares
    Open Library · dwelling some ware(s), with wares


    EX-LIBRIS LIB-ERRATA, with s/W/s