O for Opening 

The exhibitions and happenings in, or about, s/W/s. Sometimes at a distance. 


I turning, visible as /moonlight/ botanical, not as supple voice, Nina Djekic, organised with Luca Lum, Kin Chui, and Shawn Chua


Against the Disquiet #1, with wares

Footnotes of a failure: An invitation to Cluedo, with Moses Tan and David Portwood

The Soul Lounge, by Divaagar, with Kin Chui

Still SOFTreign: Disembodied Maldives, by Lhtttt with Luca Lum

Of Men and Martians (May), with Shawn Chua and Void Deck Games

Of Men and Martians (March)

Opening Gleaning Scrying Dwelling

Low Maintenance, with Shawn Chua

Ş໐ft/ຟคll/Ştน໓Ş x Cemeti


Altars for Four Silly Planets, by Marcus Yee, with s/W/s
Xenoctober, with Vivian Wang, Steph Dogfoot, Ila & Inaya, Kamiliah Maimon-Bahdar, Felix Kalmenson, Lai Yu Tong, Kin Chui, Luca Lum, and Marcus Yee

It is "I am feeling this.", by Aaron Tan, with Kenneth Loe and Luca Lum

Horizon99, with lhtttt, wares, Godwin Koay, Currency Design, s/W/s, Luca Lum (oneirocritica), bani haykal, Ujikaki Records, Tsalal, Huiying Ng, halfpet, wanglian-c11, A(;D, Jonathan Castro, Music for Your Plants, Vangoth666
Déjàdéshabille, with Youths in Balaclavas, Weixin Chong, Halfpet, Raksha Mahtani, Luca Lum and Kenneth Loe 

First Wax: First Terms, with Luca Lum and mourners

ESOS: Adult Video Rental + Open S(t)uds, with Diane Rima Kiri Edwards, Gabriel Pericà, Debbie Ding, Weixin Chong, Jennifer Mehigan, Luca Lum, Avril Corroon & Kerry Guinan, Hester Grant and Kenneth Loe

Kabinet FLASH // Laeken Placid - with Kenneth Loe


A frangipani for her grave thoughts, with Kenneth Loe, Luca Lum, Weixin Chong and Stephanie J. Burt