Futures Writing
Research Unit


Sustained closed-door initiative with online component
September - December 2020

Futures Writing Research Unit is a process-oriented writing group organised by soft/WALL/studs, carving out time and space for shared and overlapping areas of interest around futurities. What and whose terms of “the future” are we engaging? How might this writing counter or parallel other forms of writing, such as the technocratic inscription of policy making and futures projection? Might it involve a detour to the archival, the residue, the unmourned, the reparative?

Meeting in virtual or physical space, the research unit provides a structure for artists and scientists to engage more fully with their, and each others’ creative processes, relating ongoing projects to exercises, prompts, collaborative writing, and readings. This research unit is documented with a web-based compilation that brings together text and visual work on ideas of the future: examining futures that are valued and unvalued; engaging forms of timeliness, value and valuation, care and (dis)repair.

Heading typeface: Basteleur by Keussel (Velvetyne Type Foundry)

Hypertext compilation