“Nothing is habitual or utopian enough to make the world-beat of attrition go away.”

—Lauren Berlant and Kathleen Stewart, The Hundreds

Daemons—background processes that appear benign, invisible, naturalised, angelic,
organise the flows of our attentions, desires, the spaces and timelines of 
care, mourning, awareness of dissipation.

Daemon: Loss Tracks reverberates ghostly movements within and between us,
through a diagrammatic, audio-visual detournement of structures that suture
a present whose scale and span, delimited to augur optimism, estranges rich 

Be riddled and oriented by objects that may seem nothing like a life:
your last google search, the undertow of your own voice, a challenging
diagram of a world receding into view.

To receive riddles for your body and your time, indicate your interest here.

The places outside the lights of your life: the downed cast of the world. 
Desire—which steers objects into sense—escapes.
You are bereft. The body that swirls, an entrance.

Where do you cut the skein of the world?  


daemon 1. Notes towards a Subtle Body