Collective Aid

This initiative is conceived as a crisis response and shared resource for cultural workers based in Singapore, which includes freelance workers (artists, designers, writers, performers, technicians), art and design students, and any others for whom these shared commons might be helpful. It includes emergency monetary assistance, working space, tech and studio expertise, equipment, art materials, counselling hours, and other forms of care for cultural workers.

The aid provided is not bound to requirements such as the need to produce an artwork/project or to render a service to receive assistance. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to be sensitive to needs and capacities in flux, and of pre-existing inequalities magnified, which contribute to the difficulty of continuing creative processes or production. We offer what we can in hopes of building support outside of pre-existing networks and structures, many of which will diminish, or have already diminished. We hope to locate these efforts alongside what is already provided by institutions, to attend to more localised needs and persons who may not be able to access resources provided elsewhere.

Together with Coda Culture, Grey Projects, INTER—MISSION, and soft/WALL/studs, we are collectively offering:
    ✤ Crisis relief microgrants in amounts of $100, $200, $300, and $500
    ✤ Free counselling hours 
    ✤ Our spaces for one-off or recurring uses
    ✤ Borrowing of equipment from our spaces

Booking and Application Form

(Note: As of 26 Dec 2020, we have disbursed all funds for microgrants, and are no longer taking microgrant applications)